Curriculum Guide

Download 2014-15 Curriculum Guide

The purpose of this guide is to serve as a practical resource for our families in making a responsible and realistic selection of courses for the coming year. Selection of courses should be a combined effort on the part of the student, parents, guidance counselor, and teachers.

Please notice that some courses have certain requirements. These are placed there based on years of research and experience which have shown that unless a student has fulfilled these prerequisites, the student is not likely to succeed. It is also important that the student become familiar with the requirements of the college or university that the student expects to attend after graduation from Archbishop McCarthy High School.

Remember, do not make hasty decisions but do remember deadlines. The choice you make now must be honored during the next school year. The scheduling process begins now so that the school can best utilize resources and personnel. Many hours will be spent in the next few months finalizing the master schedule; therefore, the courses you choose now will be the courses you are expected to continue with for the next year.