Community Service


The Community Ministry Program provides students the opportunity to share their time and talents with the community. All students are required to complete a total of 100 hours with the minimum of twenty-five hours for each year in their four-year career at Archbishop McCarthy High School.

Students must follow the guidelines for Community Ministry Projects strictly to receive credit for their Theology class.

Silver Cord Award: Seniors completing 300 or more cumulative hours may receive this award for graduation. Completed hours for all four years must be submitted on or before the stated senior due date to be eligible for the award.

Mission Trip
 Seniors who are 18 years of age by the date of travel, complete an application process and commit to weekly preparation meetings will be eligible to travel to the Dominican Republic during Holy Week for Mission. Students serve a community of Haitian Migrants in a batey (sugar cane field) in Consuelito. Students conduct a Bible Camp with children, youth group with teens and prayer services for adults. There is no language requirement.

Amor en Acción
 This is a mission ministry whose main purpose is to raise funds to pay for teacher salaries and provide other support for our sister school, Chamoise, in the diocese of Port-de-Paix, Haiti. Every September the club sponsors “Mission Week” to bring awareness to our sister school by bringing in a speaker from the Archdiocese of Miami’s Amor en Acción Office and sponsoring different activities. This ministry meets at least twice a month and is open to all students.

Liturgical Ministry
 This ministry exists to promote and to organize our school community’s sacred liturgy and prayer life. Students and all members of our school community respond to their baptismal call by participating actively in the preparation and organization of liturgical functions. Students are invited to serve as lectors, ushers, altar servers, and upon receiving proper instruction, as Eucharistic Ministers. As liturgical ministers, students, through periodic meetings and other extracurricular activities, promote the sense of sacredness in worship, while continuing to exemplify and give witness to a life centered in Christ and his Church.

Liturgical Music Ministry
 This is an ensemble that exists to provide musical accompaniment to worship. It consists of both singers as well as musicians of all kinds. Students rehearse weekly and provide music for mass and other Campus Ministry related events.

Respect Life Ministry
This is a ministry that has as its mission the promotion of the care and respect for life in all its forms, from conception to natural death. This mission is accomplished through participation by students in events which raise public awareness and educate the student body on life issues. Members of Respect Life Ministry plan and conduct events such as Respect Life Week, the Walk For Life, Prayer Chains, diaper drives,  and Grandparents Mass and Breakfast.

Peace and Justice Ministry
 This group works for Social Justice in the local community as well as at the state, national and global levels. It sponsors the annual food drive, personal care and toiletries drive, and it supports the annual Battle of the Bands for Darfur to raise awareness of the situation in this part of the world. All students are encouraged to join and help promote awareness of the injustices that take place in our world today.

H.E.L.P. (Helping the Elderly Live Purposefully)
 This is a ministry which allows the students to interact with senior citizens in the community. Students visit the nursing home twice a month and minister to non-ambulatory elderly persons. The group engages the nursing home residents in conversation; play games with them and provide entertainment through singing, dancing and skits. Students also prepare holiday crafts and deliver them to the nursing home during the different seasons. The HELP ministry allows students to gain a close and respectful relationship with senior members of our society as well as opportunities to encounter God  while ministering to others.