Student Cultural Exchange Comes Full Circle


Archbishop Edward A McCarthy High School students and chaperones visit China as part of the new international educational and cultural awareness exchange program.  Pictured in order: 1 Archbishop McCarthy students visit the Great Wall of China, 2 ArchbishopMcCarthy visit Beijing No. 4 High School, 3 Archbishop McCarthy students in Tiananmen Square, 4 Archbishop McCarthy students enjoy a traditional dinner,   5 Archbishop McCarthy students pose in front of original gate at Beijing No. 4 High School, and 6 Archbishop McCarthy students enjoy an Everglades adventure in China.

Southwest Ranches, FL… November 19, 2014…. A educational and cultural exchange came full circle when students from Archbishop Edward A McCarthy High School Students traveled to visit student friends they had made earlier this year…. from China.

Archbishop McCarthy’s Principal, Richard P. Jean, invited school families to consider embarking on a cultural journey by hosting students from China for three weeks. In addition to promoting educational and cultural respect and awareness, the host families and Archbishop McCarthy would provide Chinese students the unique opportunity to learn and live the American way of education and living. The students attended regular classes, and participated in extra-curricular and all family activities. “Living as part of an American family is different in a multitude of ways,” said Principal Jean. “The purpose was to connect Chinese and American students to encourage cross-cultural awareness of educational and lifestyle similarities and differences and perhaps lifelong friendships.”

Eleven sophomores from Beijing No. 4 High School International Campus participated in the January 2014 mini-semester. BHSF is known for its excellence in education and partners with select foreign schools worldwide to develop its’ students global perspectives.  As part of the program, Archbishop McCarthy students and school representatives traveled to China in July to complete the first year of the student exchange. “Our students had a true cultural awakening. They attended Chinese culture classes designed for them and visited historical locations. It was an eye opening experience for all of us. In a country known for freedom, it is important that we continue to help our students become global citizens,” concluded Principal Jean.

Article by Valerie L. Moran (