Maverick Fund


July, 9, 2014


Dear Families and Friends of Archbishop McCarthy High School,

The lifeline of any not for profit organization is its annual donors. On behalf of Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, please accept our appreciation to all of our past donors. Becoming a donor goes far beyond just a financial contribution; you become a partner with us and make a commitment to our school’s mission. Your financial contribution not only helps to sustain our program, but is a statement to others of your confidence and trust. This year at Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School we will be establishing an Endowment Fund which affords financial assistance to students whose families are facing a health crisis and are unable to pay tuition due to medical expenses. Sadly, in the past few years we have seen entirely too many families in this situation. We, as a Catholic community, should take the steps necessary to establish a fund that will assist all families now and in the future from having to choose medical bills over their child’s Catholic education.

An endowment fund is a sum of money permanently set aside for the benefit of our school, which is invested for long term growth and produces an annual income for our school. The principal of the fund will stay intact and only the income will be used to support the families in need. We will be placing an Endowment Fund Recognition Wall in the entry hallway of the school and are currently seeking an underwriter for the cost of the wall. All endowment donations with a minimum of $2,500.00 will be recognized on the wall. A special recognition will be given to the Founding Families, which are those families who will lay the foundation for the endowment fund at the launching.

By contributing to the endowment fund you will be forever leaving your imprint on the Archbishop McCarthy High School community. Remember that your donation can be made in memory of someone, in honor of your graduate or loved ones or in thanksgiving. A donation to the fund will truly be the gift that keeps giving. It will light the way in the minds, hearts and faith of the next generation of Catholics. Simply put, the endowment fund is a commitment that transcends changes in faculty, staff, pastors or administrators.

Click Here for information on the First Annual Golf Classic  in support of the Maverick Fund. We are asking you to consider building a legacy of giving by making a donation to the Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy Maverick Fund, dedicated to our families in need.

Yours in Catholic Education,


Rev. Brendan Dalton,  Supervising Principal

Richard P. Jean, Principal